06 November 2013>
WOW as 2013 rapidly draws to a close we are working on the list/map/times, yes it is that time of year again - 12Pubs Of Christmas is on it's way - this years date is proving to be a bit of a problem, but we'll get it all sorted out and agreed and post that up as soon as possible......

03 December 2012>
Ok, looks like we are ready to ROCK - list and times now on the site and the Route Map will be added very shortly......

01 December 2012>
update's going on the site today with the full list and tiems for next Saturday 8th December 2012. the Route Map should follow shortly......

05 November 2012>
ok, here we are again heading towards December and another 12 Pubs Of Christmas, work is underway on a new list, route, times etc but the most important thing is the Date which has now been set as 8th December 2012. updates should be coming in pretty quickly from this point on and lets get ready for another great day out......

15 December 2011>
more New Photos up on the link on the Gallery page everything should be in there now......

12 December 2011>
hpope everyone had a great day out on Saturday, with the exception of Peadar Kearneys opening up a few minutes late and the weird weird door issues at The Dawson Lounge everything went to plan - it was a multinational event with new friends from as far away as the US and New Zealand, the final numbers must have been in the 40's or 50's which was great to see.....I guess it's time for a website overhaul and to get more pictures from years gone by.....see you all again next year and have a very Happy and safe Christmas......New Photos up on the link on the Gallery page......

05 December 2011>
right final route changes (we hope) now starting in Porterhouse on Parliament St....Sheehans instead of Porterhouse Central towards the end of the list - see you all Saturday....

01 December 2011>
Ok folks, almost there, the 16th year for us of the 12 Pubs Of Christmas - just waiting to drop the correct map in and all of the site updates should be completed by this evening with a new email going out, still nearly a week and a half away so this is probably early to have it all set for us :-) hope to see you all on the 10th....

30 November 2011
Right we are ready to rock, the Map is being drawn up as we speak and the site is being updated now with the pubs and the pics etc.....

20 October 2011
Where are the years going, 12 Pubs 2011 will take place on Saturday 10th December. Route and Pub list will be added soon, hoping to get a number of older Dulbin Pubs in this year, but we want to have places that will be open early on the list too.....

07 October 2010
Right - and we're off, I've been fairly lazy this year with updates and posting content from last year, there were some terrific black and white photos (thanks to Patch) which I don't think I ever managed to get my hands on, I must rectify that - anyway to the business at hand, 12 Pubs 2010 will take place on Saturday 11th December. Route will be added soon, and I think this will be the earliest we'll have had it organised ever.....will be missing some regulars this year as they'll be on holidays during that time, but already have 7 participants and no invits out yet....

06 January 2010
........well another year over, and only 11 Months to the next 12 Pubs, 2009's was an excellent outing, with a good turnout and great craic had by all......and great to see the Sligo contingent braving the Dublin prices.......some photos will be posted to the Gallery in the next couple of days....

12 Pubs of Christmas 2013 - Saturday December 21st

Black Sheep - 12:00 - 12:45
Slatteries - 12:50 - 13:25
Gin Palace - 13:30 - 14:05
Lotts - 14:06 - 14:40
Ha'penny Inn - 14:45 - 15:20
The Old Storehouse - 15:25 - 16:00
Foggy Dew - 16:05 - 16:45
O'Neills - 16:50 - 17:35
The Duke - 17:40 - 18:20
Dawson Lounge - 18:25 - 19:05
McDaids - 19:10 - 19:50
Bruxelles - 19:51 - END

Why do we do it?

In the spirit of Chrismas an open invatation is put out to those who would like to drop out of the Christmas shopping rat race for one day and spend it making new aquantances or renewing old friendships.

What are the pubs?

Each year we pick a new route. In 2003 we started in the Brazen head and worked our way down the keys before cutting inland. But traditionaly we try and include the Dawson Lounge, McDaids and Bruxelles.

We will continue to create new routes focused on the center of Dublin, ocasionally discovering new pubs and hopefully making new friends along the way.